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KC-5070 Class 1 Bluetooth 4.0 Audio Module View larger

KC-5070 Class 1 Bluetooth 4.0 Audio Module

New product

The KC-5070 is a Class 1 Bluetooth 4.0 audio module, enabling low power wireless audio streaming.

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£ 39.00 + VAT

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The KC-5070 Class 1 Bluetooth Audio Module is a highly tuned and completely integrated wireless audio transceiver subsystem ready for installation in audio devices. The KC-5070 is pre-engineered subsystem integrating a wireless radio, digital audio system and programmed firmware profiles that define features, configurations and user interface.

All firmware can be customized for OEM clients. In many cases a few changes can produce great value by differentiating and improving your product. Firmware can be updated via USB


  • 24.6mm x 15.0mm x 2.5mm
  • CSR8670 chip set
  • Bluetooth v4.0 - 4.2 (firmware dependent)
  • Class 1 radio, range typically exceeds 100m
  • +10dB PA Output RF Gain
  • Analog differential stereo inputs and outputs
  • 9 programmable digital I/O pins
  • 16 Mbit flash memory
  • USB, UART, PCM interfaces

Bluetooth Audio Module Firmware Options

kcAudioGateway Firmware Edition

The kcAudioGateway firmware is a transmitter system, offering A2DP source profile or AGHFP gateway profile (default), but not both simultaneously. A2DP mode provides stereo transmission to Headset/Speaker devices. Stereo audio is sampled from the MIC_L+, MIC_L-, MIC_R+ and MIC_R- pins at 44.1kHz and will automatically transmit to a Headset device. AGHFP mode (default) provides two-way voice communications, sampled at 8kHz, to a standard Bluetooth cell phone headset. Additionally, receiving a headset Voice Command feature (usually pressing the main button on a standard headset from idle mode) will toggle the PTT output pin on kcAudioGateway.

kcAudioHeadset Firmware Edition

The kcAudioHeadset firmware is a receiver system, offering A2DP sink profile and HFP profile. It can receive an A2DP wireless stereo signal, decompress and convert to analogue audio available on the SPK_L+, SPK_L-, SPK_R+ and SPK_R- pins. Additionally, it can “answer” phone calls, which will pause any A2DP stream and switch modes, now providing two way mono communication channel.

kcTrueStereo Firmware Edition

We have a stereo receiver profile, implementing CSR’s proprietary TrueWireless profile. TrueWireless offers separate left and right receivers, which requires two receiver modules with kcAudioTrueStereo. This firmware can also operate as a standard Bluetooth A2DP stereo headset and HFP mono headset.

KSCI Stereo + Intercom Profile

This custom profile offers a 3-channel (stereo and Intercom) low latency communication system. There are two major features in the KCSI profile that do not exist in standard Bluetooth A2DP: the low latency connection and simultaneous return mic audio channel. As this is a non-standard profile both a KCSI enables kcAudioGateway and kcAudioHeadset device on each end is required.

For more firmware options please contact us by phone or email..