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Adaptive M2M Airtime & IoT SIM Cards


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Adaptive M2M is a highly customisable global M2M/IoT airtime solution, offering global coverage and online management tools.

If you would like more information or volume pricing please contact us

If you would like more information or volume pricing please contact us

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Adaptive M2M Airtime & IoT SIM Cards

Imagine a single solution to keep your devices connected anywhere in the world, without the need to change the SIM card for each region. How about a system that works over multiple networks, giving you the best possible cellular coverage in the deployed area? What about only paying for the data you use? How about not having to be tied into a fixed term contract? Or the ability to add extra services that give you more control, insight and functionality over your devices and their data.

Adaptive M2M bespoke IoT airtime packages offer this and much more.

SIMs are available in standard SIM, Micro SIM, Industrial SIM and embedded chip SIM form factors, while monitoring and control functionality, is made available through dedicated ePortals, allowing you to manage large global deployments of devices easily.

ePortal is included with Adaptive M2Ms core services and is designed to allow easy management of the full SIM card and subscription life-cycle with flexible tools for optimized total-cost-of-ownership. These Core services also expose a SOAP API counterpart to ePortal, for customers to use for programmability and automation purposes.

  • Activate, suspend SIM cards
  • Run network based troubleshooting & diagnostics
  • Take advantage of an API (SOAP) that programmatically mirrors major portions of the portal functionality for customer domain automation.
  • Manage data traffic consumption
  • Manage user profiles
  • Maintain mobile-network-based usage policy
  • Define and manage roaming profiles for extended coverage and cost reduction
  • Obtain on-line reports
  • Send, receive and manage live SMS data
  • Access online help and documentation including API documentation
  • Perform SIM Inventory Management

When combined with Telits range of cellular modules you open up extra powerful functionality, helping you manage your portfolio of assets out in the field. Take a look at our ranges of Telit products, including GPRS modules, 3G Modules, 4G Modules & PCIe cards, Short Range RF modules & terminals and GPS modules.

To enhance your devices functionality and reporting a selection of value added services are available to add to your SIMs.

Value-Added Services

Automation: set up and define customizable rules for automation of life-cycle management and device outages, helping you to only pay for connectivity when your devices are live and generating you revenues.

  • Rule based engine
  • Set up & definition of customized rules for automation of
    • Life cycle management
    • Billing

Aware: make sure you’re alerted to your SIM’s usage including but not limited to voice, SMS, data usage, PDPs, geographical deployment and operator registration. Automatically trigger alerts and gain access to real-time connectivity monitoring & control functionalities through the online dashboard.

  • The IoT Connectivity portal for device management and location services.
  • A single web portal encompassing Adaptive M2M’s module management service.
  • Offering powerful remote troubleshooting & support capabilities.
  • Functionality can be integrated into customer services and operational processes.
  • Web portal may be white-labeled for customers and IoT service resellers.

Here: use cell IDs to map your devices’ locations without the need for GPS, be it indoors or outdoors, anywhere globally.

  • Mobile location and coverage is obtained from the module using SMS messages
  • No redesign required for the customer device domain application - hardware or software
  • No GNSS required
  • Positioning available even under poor or no GNSS coverage, e.g. indoor environment, for cellular + GNSS module
  • Seamlessly supports aftermarket deployments
  • Extremely suitable for applications designed without support for geo-location (e.g. location of a lost, misplaced or stolen asset)
  • Available worldwide
  • Independent of mobile network operator services

Intelligence: a dashboard offering operator grade analysis of your SIM estate’s usage, billing, subscriptions’ state, serviceability and invoicing data, allowing you to analyse against your KPIs and enhance your business performance.

  • Unique Insight into usage and billing
  • On the fly reports personalization
  • CDRs, traffic, SIM states

Module Management: working on the device level of Telit modules, this service allows customers to gain remote access to diagnostics & troubleshooting capabilities generally unavailable to most m2m adopters, giving you features such as remote module rebooting, module inventory management & network diagnostics.

  • Increased m2m services reliability and continuity
  • Streamline troubleshooting, trouble ticketing & handling
  • Substantially reduce service costs and on-site technician visits
  • Reduce unnecessary m2m terminal replacement and fixing
  • Support SLA management at the m2m unit level
  • Offer better and consistent service to your own end-customers

Switch: a service which facilitates the management of networks available, complete with API access (SOAP/JSON) to allow you to integrate the service into your systems.

  • On-the-fly proactive change of roaming network provider at subscription level