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  • 2JW1183-C952B

    5G NR/4G LTE/3G/2G Ultra Wide band Hinged Connector Antenna

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  • 2JW0183-C868B

    5G NR/4G LTE/3G/2G Ultra Wideband Antenna

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  • 2J7624B

    At just 50mm height, the 2J7624B CELLULAR/LTE Screw Mount low-profile...

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  • 2JW1483

    5G NR/4G LTE/3G/2G Ultra Wide band Waterproof Connector Antenna

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  • 2J7050JGFa

    4G LTE/3G/2G MIMO, WiFi ISM MIMO, GPS/GLONASS/Galileo MM Antenna

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  • owa450

    The owa450 is the ideal platform for you to collect data in the easiest...

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  • Radiocrafts Development kit
    Radiocrafts Development kit

    The Development Kits from Radiocrafts are designed to provide an...

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Bluetooth 4

Bluetooth 4.0 is a low energy solution for short range data transfer. The low power consumption of these modules make them ideal for portable, battery powered devices. The new protocol also includes Mesh networking ability, allowing devices to connect to eachother, passing commands from a controller to all connected nodes, opening the door for home automation implementations such as mobile phone controlled lighting.

Bluetooth Low Energy modules support Apple iBeacon, most Bluetooth standard GATT profiles, and CSRmesh Networking. Additionally, we are creating an easy to use AT Command set for configuration and operational control of the low energy modules.

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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items