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Industrial Automation and Security for Facilities Management

Industrial AutomationWith the need for automation in industrial applications becoming an increasingly important factor with new designs different methods of connecting devices is required. Sending data between devices through wireless connections allows developers to create dynamic systems where different units can be dropped into access and use data with minimal install time and cost.

Using short range wireless protocols such as Bluetooth can be advantageous for applications that are in a small, fixed location, but what about larger scale, dynamic applications? This is where leveraging the cellular networks and M2M connectivity is valuable, offering a potentially global coverage where, for example, factories in Germany can work in tandem with factories and machinery in China or the UK. Device monitoring and management can also be decentralised with the use of GSM communication, allowing you to create far more flexible, up to date and intelligent systems.

Faster data rates achieved through 3G allow for more data heavy applications such as the real-time transfer of video, used in applications such security allowing the remote streaming of camera footage to remote locations. Another major advantage of leveraging the cellular networks as a networking medium is the ability to rapidly deploy new devices, allowing you to quickly gain remote access to them without the need for lengthy, time-consuming and potentially disruptive laying of cable.

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  • Telemetry

    Remote Asset Monitoring

    Mobile wireless asset monitoring devices connect to each remote machine for monitoring and control purposes...

    Our remote monitoring devices allow you to gain access to diagnostic data, record status information automatically and examine alarm conditions. It also provides the communication infrastructure "under the bonnet" of any and all "remote machine" applications.

    Remote access over a wireless network

    Asset MonitoringGain remote access to your equipment over a wireless network to update your equipment firmware and gain real-time information such as diagnostics, status information and much more.

    Our device central management systems allow automatic or immediate date transfer over a wireless network at scheduled times.

    Networked Assets

    Integrate or network individual assets and items of equipment (e.g. printers, building controls, RFID readers etc) into a centrally managed asset monitoring system.

    Benefits of our monitoring devices

    • Increase revenues and improve customer services
    • Simple and easy to use Innovative communication solutions
    • Enabling customers and partners to derive value from "machine" data

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  • Industry 4.0

    Dubbed as the 4th industrial revolution the introduction of automation and connected devices in the manufacturing industry has led to the creation of smart factories, communicating between each other through Internet of Things technology to streamline the manufacturing process.

    Modern information and communication technologies like Cyber-Physical Systems, Big Data or Cloud Computing will help predict the possibility to increase productivity, quality and flexibility within the manufacturing industry and thus to understand advantages within the competition.

    Smart factories, which will be at the heart of Industry 4.0, will take on board information and communication technology for an evolution in the supply chain and production line that brings a much higher level of both automation and digitisation. It means machines using self-optimisation, self-configuration and even artificial intelligence to complete complex tasks in order to deliver vastly superior cost efficiencies and better quality goods or services.

    There are a number of ways current factories can make use of Industry 4.0 techniques, with some of the products below being well suited to help implement intelligent, data-driven systems that will allow you to reap the benefits of the new Internet of Things revolution.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 46 items