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Improving Healthcare with IoT Technologies

New accurate real-time patient monitoring for advanced remote patient care and resource balancing

TelehealthThe Internet of Things (IoT) is improving patient care by connecting patient and devices; enabling detailed data that provide insights to improve patient care & effectively managing hospital/surgery resources. Our partner, Telit, make it easy, providing a complete end-to-end IoT solution including modules, connectivity services and web-based IoT Portal.

Benefits of TeleHealth Services

  • Improving Patient Care: Immediate medical data is brought to the doctor/practitioner’s attention when they need it, allowing them to provide timely and effective care.
  • Resource Management: Hospitals and practices can reduce costs by giving more patients the option to receive treatment and care from home with Telehealth equipment, while they are remotely monitored by Doctors and Nurses. IoT technology is also implemented to improve the operational efficiency of hospitals, freeing up and ensuring supplies of equipment and medication are available when needed.
  • Improved Communication: data can automatically be added to records and shared with other doctors or remote specialists to provide more accurate care and treatment, reducing paperwork, allowing doctors and specialists to provide more care over a wider geographic range.
  • Regulatory Compliance – healthcare providers can protect patient data while pharmaceutical companies and pharmacies can use telehealth to monitor medication delivery and usage.

Examples of IoT in Healthcare

  • Clothes with embedded sensing devices
  • Blood Pressure monitors
  • Pulse oximeters
  • Glucose monitors
  • ECG monitors
  • Sensors embedded in medical equipment, dispensing systems, surgical robots and device implants
  • Consumer wearable devices that monitor your vitals (EG: Smartwatches monitoring and recording your pulse)

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Showing 1 - 12 of 15 items