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Cello-IQ is a driver behavior monitoring and eco-driving device, designed to reduce fleet operating costs, improve productivity and increase fleet safety.

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Cello-IQ is a driver behavior monitoring and eco-driving device, designed to reduce fleet operating costs, improve productivity and increase fleet safety.
The Cello-IQ processes and interprets vehicle dynamics and driving patterns into a safety score, which reflects the driver’s potential of involvement in a road accident, and an Eco score, indicating the vehicle’s fuel efficiency and emission footprint.

The Cello-IQ is available in three firmware variants:

  • Cello-IQ 30: Fleet management solution with various interfaces (I/Os), security capabilities and basic driver behavior (GPS-based).
  • Cello-IQ 40: All Cello-IQ30 features + Real-time on-board driver behavior capabilities (accelerometer-based).
  • Cello-IQ 50: All Cello-IQ40 features + Advanced driver behavior capabilities, including accident event logging, recording and reconstruction.

Cellular Communication

  • GSM Modes:
    • Quad band GPRS (2G worldwide)
    • NA: UMTS/HSPA/GSM/GPRS/EDGS: 5.76[UL]/7.2[DL] Mbps, 850/1900 MHz
    • EU: UMTS|HSPA: 5.7[UL]/7.2[DL] Mbps, 900/2100 MHz
  • SIM: Internal, full size, replaceable, remote PIN code management
  • Antenna: Internal
  • Packet Data: TCP/IP, UDP/IP
  • SMS: PDU mode


  • STM STA8088 Chipset
  • Sensitivity (tracking) -162dBm
  • Acquisition (normal): Cold <35Sec, Warm<35Sec, Hot<1Sec
  • Internal Antenna: On board patch antenna
  • External Antenna External active antenna (2.85V ± 0.5%), SMA connector with external antenna short/Disconnect detection circuitry. Firmware controlled receiver antenna source selection


  • Inputs
    • 1 internally pulled down input dedicated for ignition switch
    • 3 internally pulled up Discrete Dry inputs with assignable functionality and configurable threshold for logical high and low states
    • 2 configurable inputs capable to serve as:
      • Frequency counters - configurable resolution; Up to 5kHz input signal; Signal level (3V < Vin ≤30V); Accuracy ±2%
      • Analog inputs with variable resolution - 8bit, adapted to 0-2.5V signal, resolution 20mV, accuracy ±20mV; 8bits, adapted to 0-30V signal, resolution 100mV, accuracy ±100mV
      • Discrete Dry – configurable threshold for logical high and low states
      • Discrete Wet - configurable threshold for logical high and low states
  • Outputs
    • 5 general purpose open drain outputs (250mA max) with assignable functionality.


  • Voice Interface
    • Cellocator HF compliant
    • Full duplex
    • Echo cancelation 
    • Noise suppression 
    • Spy listening option 
    • Auto-answer option
    • Volume control by single button or two buttons
    • Distress voice call and simple call generation
  • COM port (RS232)
    • Selectable baud rate (9600, 19200 or 115000bps)
    • True RS232 levels; 8 bit, 1 Stop Bit, No Parity
    • MDT Interface
    • Garmin™ Interface
    • PSP™ (Car Alarm) Interface 
    • Cellocator Serial Protocol 
    • Transparent data mode 
    • Configuration update
    • Firmware upgrade
  • Debug port (RS232 out)
    • External monitoring of modem-CPU dialog, 115000bps true RS232 levels; 8 bit, 1 Stop Bit, No Parity
  • 1-Wire™ (Dallas port)
    • DS1990A, DS1971 compliant 
    • DS18B20 compliant
    • Extended bus current source with 7 mA driving capability
    • Driver management (up to 100 driver IDs)
    • Car alarm authorization
  • Accelerometer
    • 3D, ±8g range, 12 Bit representation, 1mg resolution, I2C interface
  • Connectors
    • 20pin Molex, automotive
    • SMA switch for optional external GPS antenna


  • Input Voltage: 7-32VDC
  • Average Current Consumption:
    • Normal: 45mA
    • Economic: 16mA
    • Hibernation: <2.1mA
    • Shipment (Off): <20uA (Internal Battery)
  • Internal Battery:
  • Li-Ion Polymer, 3.7V, 1Ah, rechargeable
  • Up to 200 Tx @ 1Msg/min @ 25°C
  • Embedded NTC for temperature controlled charging
  • Autonomy: Up to 200 Tx @ 1Msg/min @ 25°C
  • Operating temperature: -20°C (65% charge) to 60°C
  • Protections: over current, overcharge and over discharge


  • Temperature:
    • operation -30°C to +70°C full performance
    • storage -40°C to +85°C
  • Humidity: 95% non-condensing
  • Ingress Protection: IP40
  • Vibration, Impact: ISO 16750
  • Power transients: ISO 7637 Test level 4 (e-mark directives compliant)
  • Mounting: Tie-wraps and/or two sided adhesive


  • FCC Part 15 Subpart B, part 22/24 compliant
  • CE EMC & R&TTE according to 89/336/EEC or 1999/5/EC CE Safety EN60950-1:2001+A11:2004 CE number - CE 1177,1909
  • Automotive Directive 2004/104/EC (E-Mark)
  • IC Industrial Canada
  • PTCRB TRP, TIS, Spurious and harmonics emission
  • EN12830 Compliance with 1-wire Temperature Sensor
    • Suitability: T
    • Climatic environment:
      • w/o Cello Protector
      • B with Cello Protector – D
    • Accuracy class:
      • -10°C to +85°C - 1
      • <-10°C, > +85°C - 2
      • Range: -55°C to +125°C

Dimensions & Weight

  • Dimensions 91x73x23mm
  • Weight 110gr