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CelloTrack Nano 20 Wireless Sensor Network

CelloTrack Nano 20

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CelloTrack Nano 20 is a wireless sensor network that provides precisely the knowledge you need to manage your cargo and mobile assets more effectively.

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The CelloTrack Nano 20 contains a 2G/3G data modem for communication, multi-GNSS positioning engine, BLE (low energy Bluetooth for short range communications with external sensors), 3D accelerometer for movement and impact detection, light-sensor, magnet for door open/close, tamper detection, built-in microphone, barometer, geo-fencing, internal rechargeable backup battery and USB port for additional communications and electricity charging.

The Nano sensors connect to the CelloTrack Nano 20 base station through Bluetooth, with the base station connecting to your external networks via cellular connection, allowing you to:

  • monitor your cargo and assets in realtime
  • create rules to trigger alerts (eg: geofencing, movement triggers)
  • keep your products and cargo secure, with tampering & location monitoring

2G variant Cellular Communication

  • GSM Modes: Quad band GSM (2G - worldwide): GSM/GPRS: 42.8[UL]/85.6[DL] Kbps, 850/900/1800/1900MHz
  • Power Output: 2W for 850/900 bands, 1W for 1800/1900 bands
  • SIM: Internal, full size, replaceable, remote PIN code management, option for M2M type SIM chip
  • Antenna: Internal, On board (PCB) penta band GSM antenna
  • Packet Data: TCP/IP, UDP/IP
  • SMS: PDU mode

3G variant Cellular Communication

  • GSM Modes: Five bands UMTS (WCDMA/FDD): 800, 850, 900, 1900 and 2100 MHz HSDPA data rates: 7.2[DL] / 5.76[UL] Mbps Quad-band GSM: 850, 900, 1800 and 1900 MHz EDGE data rates: 237[DL] / 237[UL] Kbps GPRS data rates: 85.6[DL] / 85.6 [UL] Kbps
  • Power Output: Up to 2.7W for 800/850/900 bands, and up to 1.9W for 1800/1900/2100 bands


  • Technology: CSR SiRFstarV™ engine supporting Hybrid GNSS Sensitivity (tracking)   -165dBm
  • Acquisition (normal): Cold <35Sec, Hot<1Sec, Warm <9 Sec
  • Internal Antenna: Internal, on board patch antenna


  • Voice Interface: Noise suppression Eavesdropping option
  • COM port: USB 2.0 interface over standard micro-USB connector
  • Connectors: Micro-USB connector


  • Temperature: Accuracy ±1.0°C, Resolution 0.1°C
  • Accelerometer: 3D, ±8g range, 4mg resolution, I2C interface
  • Light: Effective range 1÷1023 lux
  • Impact: Impact with threshold up to 8g
  • Movement: Detection of stationary or movement state by accelerometer
  • Tampering: Dual tampering detection: from Cradle and from mounting surface
  • Barometric Pressure: Air pressure translated to “Meters above sea level” Effective range -400m÷6153m, Resolution 0.1m
  • Listen in: Built-in microphone


  • Temp, operation: -20°C to +60°C full performance (Discharging) Charging: 0°C ÷ 45°C
  • Temp, storage: -40°C to +85°C
  • Humidity: 95% non-condensing
  • Ingress Protection: IP56 (Sensors rated IP67)
  • Vibration, Impact: According to standards EN 12830

To see the MultiSense Features supported by 3Dtracking please refer to the attachment below.