transport technologyTransportation is being revolutionised by M2M & IoT connectivity, offering massive increases in efficiency, reductions in greenhouse gasses and more efficient service.

Whether it is making use of M2M connectivity to better manage logistics and haulage or guarantee payload security, connected vehicles are having a profound effect on streamlining the supply chain.

Public transportation is also allowing their passengers to benefit from an increase in onboard services (such as in-vehicle Wi-Fi), increased safety measures and lowering of traffic congestion to speed up journeys. More and more cities are undertaking projects to embed IoT into their transport infrastructure, allowing drivers to find parking spaces easier and provide councils with data on road congestion and surface quality.

The increase in Smart Cars on the road is allowing councils and governments to come up with new, innovative schemes and technology to improve public health, safety and the environment around them.

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  • Fleet Management

    Remote Fleet Management Tools & Solutions

    Vehicle tracking with M2MWe offer fleet management solutions to allow you to efficiently manage your vehicles and payloads in the field, helping you maximise profits and resources. Be kept up to date with GPS (or even GLONASS) location data, vehicle telemetry (including fuel efficiency) or driver communications, with many different spec units and customisation options available to match your requirements.

    Adaptive Modules also can provide trackers to provide location data and security measures (built in accelerometers to send notifications if triggered) for assets in transit - ideal for high-end cargo such as shipping containers, fuel tankers and vehicles.

    Transportation, Vehicle Tracking & Logistics

    One of the biggest uses of mobile internet connectivity is in the vehicle tracking sector. GPS and GPRS combine to provide near real-time status of a vehicle’s location to a remote observer.

    Tracking technology can lead to increased productivity, reduced operational costs, improved customer service and enhanced security for both driver and vehicle.

    Vehicle tracking isn’t the only area which is making use of the cellular networks. Faster data rates achieved through 3G allow for more data heavy applications such as the real-time transfer of video, used in applications such as ANPR and speed cameras, make wireless options a true viability.

    This will only increase with the deployment and roll out of 4G networks, which while in its infancy, has the potential to offer download speeds 10 times that of 3G. However, with the infrastructure only being rolled out relatively recently and services only provided by EE in major UK cities thus far we may be some way off the technology’s full potential, but things certainly look bright for the future.

    Another major advantage of leveraging the cellular networks as a networking medium is the ability to rapidly deploy new devices, allowing you to quickly gain remote access to them without the need for lengthy, time-consuming and potentially disruptive laying of cable.

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  • Rail

    Computing & Connectivity for Rail

    Rail and TransportComputing and connectivity devices for rail are required to pass numerous environmental tests and are compliant EN50155 standard. Rapid transit system, metropolitan rail, commuter rail, high-speed rail, trams, and trains need specially designed and certified equipment.

    The new generation railway systems, such as high-speed train and metro rapid train, operate under high efficiency digitalized, computerized control mechanism and are able to dispatch real-time information to control center and guests. This evolution drives the need of embedded computer with highest levels of performance, longevity and reliability that well fits railway systems operating environment. NEXCOM offers train PC which features anti-shock design, metal dust proof ability, stable and green power supply, industrial-grade reliability and extended product life cycle.

    The below products meet these guidelines, allowing extra services to be added to new and existing transportation systems.

  • Traffic

    Wireless M2M Traffic Solutions

    Wireless communication has many advantages in the traffic management field. As well as allowing for rapid deployment, through using the mobile phone networks for data transfer rather than costly and slow to roll out cable mediums, devices can allowed to communicate with each other, passing vehicles and their surroundings to create smart highways and smart cities.

    This interconnection allows for more dynamic management of roads to keep vehicle flow at its optimum level, reducing traffic.

    Adaptive Modules are able to provide cellular communication links to existing systems using the industrial cellular routers shown below (which are currently in use across the UK including Slough and Newcastle) and are also able to provide full-scale solutions with our partners. For more information please call us on +44 (0)1273 248977 or Click Here to request a quote.

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    3Dtracking supports a wide range of the world’s leading devices from the largest manufacturers, and their programmers are constantly integrating new devices and cutting-edge features.

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    The MultiConnect® Conduit AP conveniently provides deep in-building connectivity and improved performance for network operators and enterprises connecting thousands of IoT assets by harnessing the power of the LoRaWAN protocol.

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    The owa11A platform is an optimised, fully featured, vehicle, asset tracking and telemetry unit, with many customisation options available. This development kit helps with developing and deploying applications.

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    The owa4x family is a powerful IoT Gateway for processing data from sensors, devices & peripherals. Use owa4x to monitor and control your assets, sending just meaningful information to the cloud or your control centre. Ideal for operation in Cars, Trucks, Buses, Agricultural/Industrial Machinery, DCTO Remote Download, Fleet Management, Telemetry, Data...

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    The InPortal3012 is a step forward in upgrading public transportation services in the Internet era. Embedded with both NGINX web server and local SSD storage, the product is a dedicated vehicle Wi-Fi media hub. 

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    Gateway accessory cards provide the flexibility needed to manage a wide range of different wired and wireless interfaces.

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    The MultiConnect® Conduit™ IP67 Base Station is a ruggedized IoT gateway solution, specifically designed for outdoor LoRa™ public or private network deployments.

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    MultiConnect® Conduit™ is the industry’s most configurable, manageable, and scalable communications gateway for industrial IoT applications.

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    The AQ card is a low cost PCB modem board for product testing, complete with built in SIM card holder as well as UART, Antenna and USB connectors.

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  • The EZcat GPS V5.3 is a complete system solution for AVL GSM GPS applications based on Telit GE864PS module. The unit includes Telit cellular GSM engine with Python and GPS, 3 Axis accelerometer sensors, microcontroller for modem watchdog and LiPo battery. If you would like more information or volume pricing please contact us

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    A unique platform to develop telemetry and telematic applications with IP67 enclosure for rugged conditions, internal antennas and a wide range of connectivity. If you would like more information or volume pricing please contact us

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    A unique platform to develop telemetry and telematic applications with IP67 enclosure for rugged conditions, internal antennas and a wide range of connectivity. If you would like more information or volume pricing please contact us

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