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M2M solutions for wireless remote monitoring, asset management and control of equipment...

M2M SolutionsAdaptive Modules adds value to its distribution services by offering full machine-to-machine software solutions and hardware design support.

We offer wireless solutions that allow you to send and gather remote data, to enable monitoring, control and management of your equipment through a wireless GPRS, or HSUPA, internet-based communication system! Machine-to-Machine Communication allow you to;

  • Measure and Control your Assets
  • Connect end-users to central and mobile users
  • To provide the communication infrastructure “under the bonnet” of any and all “remote machine” applications
  • “Bridge the gaps” between machine and IT worlds!
  • Remote monitoring, control and management of machines via the Internet
  • Enable small sites and individual assets to be centrally managed effectively


  • System design
  • Solutions
  • Board level design
  • Java Software Support
  • Approvals
  • Sub Contract Manufacturing - NPI

Market Sectors

  • Medical
  • Automotive
  • Facilities Management
  • Utilities
  • Defence
  • Telecom's
  • Banking
  • Renewable Energy
  • EPOS
  • Transport
  • Gaming Industry

Some of our Machine-to-Machine applications include

  • Coffee machine monitoring
  • Fluid Dispense monitoring
  • Jet Wash Monitoring
  • Car Wash Monitoring
  • Fruit Machine
  • Trend Monitoring
  • Weather Station
  • Fluid Level Monitoring
  • ATM security
  • Water Treatment
  • CCTV
  • Ticket machine
  • Parking Meter and many more applications

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  • Advertising

    Advertising ConnectivityThe progress of M2M & IoT technologies has opened up a whole new world of potential advertising opportunities for companies. Creating new dynamic campaigns that are tailored to your customers and their needs is possible by allowing consumers to connect with their devices.

    Existing adverting options, such as display advertising, can now be far more flexible, with ads being remotely uploaded to large arrays of displays to best match their advertiser’s needs. Location of where the ads are displayed is now an increasingly popular marketing technique; using GPS data to display location-specific adverts with moving, vehicle-based advertising such as taxis.

    Consumer experiences can be vastly improved with state of the art kiosks, which are directly connected to the supply chain, offering them what they want, when they want it. These dynamic systems also open up the possibility of adding advertising revenue streams, allowing partners to offer customers relevant products and services.

  • Energy

    Energy SupplyEnergy creation and distribution has benefitted greatly from the emergence of M2M & IoT technology. The ability for energy providers to better manage their assets allows them to ensure maximum uptime, with early warning systems ensuring their operations aren’t dramatically affected by outages.

    The data that can be generated from energy creation and usage allows for a dramatic increase in efficiency, which has been passed down to the consumer, who also have new smart metering technologies to make them more energy conscious.

    The emergence of the Smart grid technology is allowing cities to cope with the increasing demand for power while balancing supplies with energy from renewable sources. 

  • Facilities

    Industrial Automation and Security for Facilities Management

    Industrial AutomationWith the need for automation in industrial applications becoming an increasingly important factor with new designs different methods of connecting devices is required. Sending data between devices through wireless connections allows developers to create dynamic systems where different units can be dropped into access and use data with minimal install time and cost.

    Using short range wireless protocols such as Bluetooth can be advantageous for applications that are in a small, fixed location, but what about larger scale, dynamic applications? This is where leveraging the cellular networks and M2M connectivity is valuable, offering a potentially global coverage where, for example, factories in Germany can work in tandem with factories and machinery in China or the UK. Device monitoring and management can also be decentralised with the use of GSM communication, allowing you to create far more flexible, up to date and intelligent systems.

    Faster data rates achieved through 3G allow for more data heavy applications such as the real-time transfer of video, used in applications such security allowing the remote streaming of camera footage to remote locations. Another major advantage of leveraging the cellular networks as a networking medium is the ability to rapidly deploy new devices, allowing you to quickly gain remote access to them without the need for lengthy, time-consuming and potentially disruptive laying of cable.

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  • Retail

    retail technologyCreate new engaging customer experience by embedding M2M & IoT connectivity into your stores. Allow your customers to gather additional information about your products through their smart devices and personalize their shopping experience. 

    Connected stores can have direct links with their supply chain, ensuring that popular, fast-selling items are automatically reordered, while customers are automatically notified about what they are interested in. New opportunities to reach out to customers with contextual offers are now available through IoT initiatives. 

    Enhance security and gather valuable marketing data so you can learn more about your customers.

  • Security

    Security Products

    Keep your property and belongings safe with our mobile network connected security products. These plug-and-play devices are quick and easy to set up, keeping you up to date via your mobile phone if any of their sensors have been triggered.

    For cellular devices and modules to add mobile connectivity to existing security equipment, such as CCTV, take a look at our Remote CCTV section, or contact us on +44 (0)1273 248977 for full security solutions.

  • Telehealth

    Improving Healthcare with IoT Technologies

    New accurate real-time patient monitoring for advanced remote patient care and resource balancing

    TelehealthThe Internet of Things (IoT) is improving patient care by connecting patient and devices; enabling detailed data that provide insights to improve patient care & effectively managing hospital/surgery resources. Our partner, Telit, make it easy, providing a complete end-to-end IoT solution including modules, connectivity services and web-based IoT Portal.

    Benefits of TeleHealth Services

    • Improving Patient Care: Immediate medical data is brought to the doctor/practitioner’s attention when they need it, allowing them to provide timely and effective care.
    • Resource Management: Hospitals and practices can reduce costs by giving more patients the option to receive treatment and care from home with Telehealth equipment, while they are remotely monitored by Doctors and Nurses. IoT technology is also implemented to improve the operational efficiency of hospitals, freeing up and ensuring supplies of equipment and medication are available when needed.
    • Improved Communication: data can automatically be added to records and shared with other doctors or remote specialists to provide more accurate care and treatment, reducing paperwork, allowing doctors and specialists to provide more care over a wider geographic range.
    • Regulatory Compliance – healthcare providers can protect patient data while pharmaceutical companies and pharmacies can use telehealth to monitor medication delivery and usage.

    Examples of IoT in Healthcare

    • Clothes with embedded sensing devices
    • Blood Pressure monitors
    • Pulse oximeters
    • Glucose monitors
    • ECG monitors
    • Sensors embedded in medical equipment, dispensing systems, surgical robots and device implants
    • Consumer wearable devices that monitor your vitals (EG: Smartwatches monitoring and recording your pulse)
  • Transport

    transport technologyTransportation is being revolutionised by M2M & IoT connectivity, offering massive increases in efficiency, reductions in greenhouse gasses and more efficient service.

    Whether it is making use of M2M connectivity to better manage logistics and haulage or guarantee payload security, connected vehicles are having a profound effect on streamlining the supply chain.

    Public transportation is also allowing their passengers to benefit from an increase in onboard services (such as in-vehicle Wi-Fi), increased safety measures and lowering of traffic congestion to speed up journeys. More and more cities are undertaking projects to embed IoT into their transport infrastructure, allowing drivers to find parking spaces easier and provide councils with data on road congestion and surface quality.

    The increase in Smart Cars on the road is allowing councils and governments to come up with new, innovative schemes and technology to improve public health, safety and the environment around them.

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    The MultiConnect® Conduit AP conveniently provides deep in-building connectivity and improved performance for network operators and enterprises connecting thousands of IoT assets by harnessing the power of the LoRaWAN protocol.

    £ 329.00 + VAT
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    With high-speed 3G or LTE, WAN, LAN, Wi-Fi and serial connectivity, Maestro E220 is designed for mission-critical enterprise applications requiring faultless connectivity.

  • From £ 465.00 In Stock + VAT

    MultiConnect® Conduit™ is the industry’s most configurable, manageable, and scalable communications gateway for industrial IoT applications.

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    The NISE 105 provides outstanding performance not only on computing but also on graphics, and it presents a brand new opportunity for both intelligent and industrial computing solutions.

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    NIO 100, designed as an IoT(Internet of Thing) gateway for cloud application specifically focused in industrial field, collects sensor data via RS232/485/DIO and transmitting data to cloud by 3G, WiFi or Ethernet.

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    The IES-0008B is an 8 10/100 Base-TX with M12-connctor unmanaged industrial switch for IP41 rated protection for rail. A PoE variant (IPES-0008B) is also available. If you would like more information or volume pricing please contact us

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    NControl series provides a comprehensive CNC solution to 2D and 3D machining. Providing high level CNC functionalities, such as TCP for 5-axis machining and high speed machining with look ahead and polynomial, NControl series ensures high machining precision with high speed. If you would like more information or volume pricing please contact us

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